Introduction to organic casting (Saturday Mornings)

Experience Level: Beginner
Saturdays |
10am - 1pm |
Term 4 |
Starting October 26, 2024 |
Seven Week Course

Spring is finally here! What better way to celebrate those beautiful blooms than organic casting.

Explore and collect items from your garden – such as leaves, succulents or seed pods – and transform them into beautiful silver earrings, rings or necklaces.

This course introduces you to preparing natural foliage for casting and shows you how to solder, sand and finish the pieces once they have been cast by our specialist company.

Each student is provided with a starter kit which includes wax, saw blades, sandpaper and more.

At the end of this course, you will have explored the art of:

  • Selecting and treating your foliage
  • Wax working
  • Cutting and filing
  • Creating jewellery from your found treasures.

Casting fees are not included in your kit and are to be paid by students upon the return of their castings. The price can generally be estimated prior to casting. Depending on their weight and size, silver organic castings usually average around $30 – $100 for small to medium items, while large, heavy items will increase in price from there.

A small selection of silver and other consumables will be available for purchase through the gallery if required.

$645 Per Term

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