Meet Claire Brooks

From bespoke jewellery that speaks to your soul to unique pieces handmade with love, we offer a totally boutique experience in jewellery design.

Sustainable, ethical and locally made jewellery inspired by nature

With an artistic background and a love for nature, our jewellery is inspired by art and uses carefully selected materials to create unique pieces.

We know where our materials come from. Many of our stones are sourced, cut and mined in Australia. Working with local suppliers gives us, and you, peace of mind that your jewellery is not only beautiful but ethically sourced too.

Claire Brooks
Founder, artist, designer and jeweller

I’m Claire Brooks – owner and founder of Claire Brooks Studio Gallery. During my studies at Curtin University in Western Australia, I started to discover and explore how to create beauty from things that are often overlooked both in the natural and home environment. I wanted to create jewellery that would bring people back to a special time, place or moment.

Every person who views my artwork will have their own feeling towards the piece, completely unique to themselves. I seek to create designs that are a little edgy and alternative while still classically elegant – like my Interlace Luxe range.

I’d love to meet you and show you my collection of high-quality, handcrafted jewellery. Come and say hello at my gallery on 120 Partridge Street, or email me at

Meet our other jewellers

At Claire Brooks, community is important. Which is why we surround ourselves with local craftspeople who love to share their talents and expertise. Our jewellers not only make stunning wearable artwork but also hold the same values as Claire Brooks.

Jess Ervin
Jeweller & workshop teacher

Meet Jess – a jeweller and designer who creates wearable works of art inspired by geometric shapes. Influenced by her imaginative father and grandfather, Jess always knew she was destined for a creative future. She grew up wanting to continue the family legacy and found the perfect outlet in jewellery making.

Jess’ one-of-a-kind style is clean and minimalistic, with a touch of strong geometric lines and sophisticated flair. She’s often inspired by architectural shapes, forms and structures.

With her years of experience and artistic eye, Jess works in collaboration with Claire to make stock for the gallery, teach classes and design and manufacture custom jewellery for anyone looking for their own bespoke piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover what you need to know about our creations and studio.


Absolutely. However, whenever you’re getting ready to hop in the shower, take a dip in the pool, tend to your garden, create some art, or do anything that could potentially damage your jewellery, we recommend that you take it off and keep it in a safe spot. We also recommend taking your jewellery off when you apply hand sanitiser, makeup, hair products, lotions, or spritzing on your favourite perfume.

Keep an eye out for chlorine, which you might find in the pool, or bleach – it can slowly wear down your jewellery’s shine and strength over time.

Non-traditional stones such as opals, pearls and other soft stones should be worn occasionally and aren’t recommended for engagement or wedding rings.

For those who work with their hands or are hard on their jewellery, we recommend low settings and bezel set pieces, as they will give the stone the most protection. We can design your piece specifically for your lifestyle.

Yes, we do. Regular servicing is the key to keeping your jewellery looking its best and ensuring no stones are lost. We suggest that you bring your Claire Brooks jewellery in for a little TLC every 6-12 months. The length of time needed between services depends on the style of your piece, the type of stone, and how rough you are with your jewellery.

We’ll give your piece a thorough assessment to make sure nothing is broken. Cleaning your piece in our ultrasonic is a great way to see if any of the stones are loose/falling out and to give your piece a nice shine.

If we find any issues during the checkup, we’ll let you know and give you a quote for any necessary repairs. For all the details about our warranty, take a look at our terms and conditions.

Yes! We create bespoke jewellery so you can have the perfect piece that reflects who you are. We also create pieces of sentimental jewellery using heirloom ceramics, fabrics, coins, sea glass and other treasures.

If there’s a pre-made piece in our studio that you’d like customised – we can do that too! Please contact us through our website.

We’re thrilled to work with customers from all over the world, and we’re flexible in how we connect with you. Whether it’s a phone call, email, or even a video chat, we’re here to make the consultation process as convenient as possible. Just reach out, and let’s start planning your ideal piece together.

Yes, we can. We always recommend that you get your stone valued and appraised before bringing it to us – that way, you’ll know exactly what kind of stone it is and if there’s anything we need to know about.

Remember that while we take great care with your stones, we don’t take responsibility for any damage that may be caused during the creation process due to damage from wear, internal flaws, weaknesses or treatments. There is also some risk in removing stones from their original settings which is worth considering when deciding whether to use an heirloom stone or choosing a new one.

Don’t have a stone? No problem! We also have a wonderful range of stones at the studio. We can even source them for you.

It’s really important to us that your special piece lasts the test of time. While silver is perfect for costume jewellery, it is a relatively soft metal. silver tends to wear down faster compared to gold or other precious metals when you wear it on your finger. That’s why, for bridal rings, we recommend choosing white gold instead. It’ll keep your special ring looking its best for years to come.

We post our jewellery anywhere in Australia and even internationally. Send me a DM or visit us in the studio, and we can give you an estimated quote for postage.

My studio is located at 120 Partridge St, Glenelg South, SA 5045. Hope to see you there!

My studio is open from 10 am to 5 pm Wednesday to Saturday and from 10 am to 2:30 pm on Tuesdays. We’re closed on Sunday and Monday.

Alternatively, you can contact me on 0403 768 378 during studio hours.


For group day classes, prices start at $325. We also offer private classes, which start at $160 for a minimum of two hours. A set-up fee of $375 may apply.

For longer group classes, prices start at $545 for seven weeks of jewellery making. The class you choose will depend on your experience level and what you want the outcome to be.

View classes and their pricing.

We provide all the tools for our regular term classes, so you don’t need to bring a thing. If you are more comfortable using your own equipment, you are more than welcome to bring them. Just remember to label your tools clearly, so there are no mix-ups.

If you have enrolled in our Studio Time! class, you’ll be working on your own project – which may require some specialist items and tools. If a certain tool isn’t available in the studio, we kindly ask you to supply your own.

We understand how difficult it can be for budding artists to know which tools to buy and where. We are more than happy to share relevant suppliers with our students. We also offer tooling starter kits which include our pick of the bunch for your basic setup.

While we do our best to accommodate you, our classes are specially designed to suit our student’s skill sets and the allotted time frame. Sometimes, what seems like a simple change to your project – like a different design or stone – can be both tricky and time-consuming, meaning that you may not get the piece finished by the end of the class.

If you would like to create something truly unique, you can book a one-on-one class so that we can tailor-make a project to your individual needs.


All stones are different, so we need to ensure that we are getting the right one for your project.

Please send through a photograph of your stone at least 10 days before your class starts. That way, I can determine whether the stone is usable or if the stone provided in your class kit will be more suitable.

Other materials

Most of the materials and supplies that you will need for your class are included in your materials kit. If you need additional materials for your project, you’re more than welcome to bring in your own or purchase from our selection at the studio.

We will cast your jewellery for you. The casting fees are charged in addition to tuition fees and must be purchased through the studio.

Studio Time! students can either bring their own materials or order them through the studio. You’re also welcome to coordinate your own casting. But we are more than happy to arrange this through the studio if you prefer.

We get our materials and supplies from various local and sometimes international businesses. In all our classes (except for studio time and private lessons), we kindly request that you get your materials from the studio. At the end of each term, we’ll happily share information about our suppliers so you can continue crafting on your own at home.

All is not lost! There are plenty of solutions if you can’t quite wrap up your project during class. Finish your piece in private tuition or during an intermediate class like studio time. We also offer occasional bench access sessions for past students.

And if you’d rather not stress about finishing, we offer a finishing service starting at just $125, where we add the final touches to your piece.

We can, yes! If you have a hen’s party, work event, birthday celebration or anything else in mind, we can arrange a private group workshop. Send me a DM (or visit the gallery), and we’ll discuss what we can do for your special day.

The casting process is tricky, without much room for error. It can also be quite dangerous if you’ve never had experience with jeweller’s torches or molten metal before.

That’s why we leave the casting to the experts – to ensure the best chance at creating a beautiful, well-made piece of jewellery for you to cherish for years to come.